Finally, a PandaDoc alternative that truly automates sales closing (at a fairer price)

PandaDoc costs $$$ to save templates and requires you to manually fill out contract variables. DocSales offers:

  • Proposal & Contract generation with zero clicks.
  • Turnkey document management from your CRM of choice
  • Automated tasks execution when a CRM Opportunity changes, or a doc is read / signed
  • Real time alerts to SalesReps to take actions at the right time
  • Fair pricing with no hidden add-ons

No credit card required

Watch the 1-min video and see how we can help your company to save 25% of sales rep day.

Document Generation

Create sales documents with zero click through your CRM


A built-in esign with legally binding in US and Europe


Charge your customers immediately after signing an agreement

Over 1,300 sales team use DocSales worldwide

Understand how those organizations speed up their sales process and shorten sales cycles

Why choose DocSales over PandaDoc?

DocSales prefills your document with customer data, products, pricing, and terms from your CRM, as well as sends out signature-ready documents to leads on your behalf. See why DocSales is the #1 alternative to PandaDoc.

Pandadoc Docsales
Real automation to generate documents with Zero Click
From your CRM, just drag & drop the opportunity card to a new phase.
DocSales will automatically fill in your document variables.
Document template engine, powered by Google Docs
Take advantage of all Google Docs or Google Presentation features to
create awesome proposals, contracts, and documents.
Integration with SalesForce, Pipedrive, Hubspot and (and more!)
1:1 native integrations with all leading CRM platforms.
Built in eSignature system)
Upload signature-ready documents to eSign. Legally binding in USA and Europe
Multiple signer validation types
IP tracking, unique link per signer, and Selfie picture requests give you legal signature verification.
Create internal teams to manage document access
Price per user
Only pay per user. Unlimited document generation and eSigning
/user/ month
starts at $29
/user/ month
Free 1:1 onboarding and 30-day trial
No credit card, no commitment, risk free trial.
Cancel at any time
No commitment

Smart Solution to automate proposals and contracts

Works with all leading CRMs

1 to 1 integrations. Setup in minutes with a live product specialist.

Your sales on autopilot

Multiple automation options available

  • Send documents when the opportunity card reaches a specific phase 
  • Move the card to a new phase when the document is opened or signed 
  • Set opportunity to WON when the doc is signed

Everything centralized on your CRM

Send documents and see the status directly from CRM

DocSales add status updates within the Opportunities notes on your CRM automatically. No need to login in two different systems!

Legally binding built-in eSign platform

Unlimited eSigning included on all plans

With DocSales you don’t need to subscribe to an eSigning platform. Our automation includes unlimited documents to eSign. Also, you can eSign documents generated by DocSales integration with your CRM or by uploading a PDF file.

Powerful Docs templates on Google Docs

With DocSales you don’t need to subscribe to an eSigning platform. Our automation includes unlimited documents to eSign. Also, you can eSign documents generated by DocSales integration with your CRM or by uploading a PDF file.

eSign & Pay

Allow your customers to pay immediately after signing an agreement.
Our transparent integration to Stripe allow you to charge your customers when they sign the closing doc.

Salespeople love us

Leading, Trusted. Enabling growth.

Improve your sales closing efficiency right now.

No credit card required

How can
Docsales help your company?

• Centralized control of all documents sent by your team
• All metrics and KPIs remain on CRM
• Each four sales reps will be worth five! 25%+ productivity, at a fraction of a sales rep compensation.
• No more error: Use of doc templates makes your team more accurate.

• No more procrastination, sending docs now is easier and faster than ever.
• Centralized operation: Single login to see what is going on on each opportunity.
• Faster sales cycle, Commission paid faster.
• Save up to 2 hours per day on administrative tasks.

• Integrate Sales-to-finance, so the contracts can be added to your billing system automatically
• Payment processor: Charge your customer the moment they sign the closing document, just like you do on e-commerce stores.
• Sales Commission will be easier than ever to calculate, just export all sales from DocSales.